Poker remains arguably THE biggest casino game out there. With a long history to its name, it is still the casino game which has the most mystique and appeal. A big part of this lies in how much fun it is to play and how dramatic it can be.

The accessibility of poker also helps. You will find it at all the top online casinos around – from the best NJ online casino sites to others around the world. If you need a top-quality site to play poker at, then Resorts Casino is a superb option. With fabulous customer support, awesome bonuses and poker games to play, it is a great choice.

When it comes to poker’s overall popularity, the sheer number of variants it has is also a factor. One of the most visible types of poker with this in mind is Texas Hold ‘em. But why is this form of poker so widely played?

Simple to pick up

The love for Texas Hold ‘em lies in how simple it is to learn and play. This is one of the least complex types of poker to grasp and this means that pretty much anyone can enjoy it. Being so easy to understand also means you can start playing Texas Hold ‘em very quickly.

Texas Hold ‘em is THE poker game in pop culture

Whenever poker appears in big events (like the World Series of Poker)or movies (like Rounders),the type shown is normally Texas Hold ‘em. The net result is that people think of Texas Hold ‘em when they think of poker and will gravitate towards this variant when playing themselves.

Easy to find information on

As with understanding online slots before playing them, you need to first understand poker before playing it. You do not want to be spending days hunting around for information though! The good news for Texas Hold ‘em players is that, as it is so popular, there are lots of easy to find resources to help.

What other types of poker are there to try?

The above shows why Texas Hold ‘em is so widely played – but what if you fancy trying something else one day? There are actually some other cool poker variants you can enjoy in this case.

Omaha is one type of poker for up to 10 playersand is like Texas Hold ‘em. The main differences are that each player gets four cards to begin with and the five community cards are dealt out at the start. Seven Card Stud is another poker variant many enjoy, and players are dealt seven cards per hand – 3 down and 4 up.

Poker has many variants – but Hold ‘em is the most popular

As the above shows, there are many other types of poker you could play other than Texas Hold ‘em. Hold ‘em does still remain the headline-grabbing name for poker though and continues to retain its top spot at the table.